Well, this last pay period we lived in enforced simplicity. It was strange when my parents were here; they aren’t concerned with money much when they’re on vacation. They spend freely when they visit, on us and themselves. We ate out twice and ordered in twice in the five days they were here. That’s as much as we order in and eat out in a month. It was interesting how different it felt from what we have become used to. There was a time, before kids, when we almost never ate at home. My parents are post kids and are doing the same thing. It felt strange. We bought apple turnovers for breakfast – something I rarely do – and they bought enough to last the week. My diet deteriorated while they were here. We ate out, ordered in, had sweets, and a feast when we had both sets of grandparents at the house. I ate so darned much! And now it’s back to eating less, eating healthier, and spending very little for the week. It’s quite an adjustment. We’re managing quite well though.

It’s nice to know that our simplicity skills haven’t totally atrophied. We bought a couple of movies on sale and spent last night watching them. The kids love them. We ate dinner then had some chips as a treat (I’d gone shopping hungry and come home with 2 bags of chips). This morning we went to karate, came home and had lunch, and have read and played at the house all day. It feels like a long, lazy, summer day. Ice cream left over from when the grandparents were here has rounded out the afternoon. Not doing much for my diet, but it sure tasted good. It’s amazing how much you appreciate the chance to laze around when you don’t get it that often. The kids are at summer camp until late every day and that makes the weekends spent with them that much more special. Summer is always cheaper than winter anyway. You spend more time playing outside and less time trying to find indoor amusement that’s not sitting in the house yet again.

Simplicity is never as easy as during the summer when you can enjoy the outdoors, feel closer to nature, and enjoy each other rather than being trapped in the house together. 🙂

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