Well, crud

Remember how I said that my garment rack worked just as well outside as it did in? Well, not so much. It’s an inexpensive rack ($10) and fell apart with the first breeze. Darn it! The clothes were dry though. It’s such a heavy load on such a flimsy thing that a breeze knocked it over. But, it works fine inside where there are no breezes. I just put it back together and set it up back inside. Things won’t dry as quickly, but they’ll dry, and I got some done before it all fell apart. Chalk it up to experience. Unless I can talk my husband into setting up lines for me outside (not likely as there’s no real place to do it), I’ll be doing my drying inside. I’ll still save money, things just won’t get dried as quickly. That garment rack lasted me quite a while though and, except for an occasional wobble now, it’s holding up.

I know, laundry has been my thing lately, but it’s what I’ve been doing most outside of school. I promise I’ll write about something else tomorrow. I still encourage hanging your clothes to dry, just make sure you’re aware of how heavy a wet load of laundry is.

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