Hot laundry

Ha! Summertime laundry is easy! I finally got back to hanging laundry. I have a garment rack that I use now that my clotheslines are gone to make room for the kids’ bunk beds. I moved it outside once I’d hung the laundry on it and, in the 97 degree weather, it took no time at all for the clothes to dry. I did a couple of loads before it was time to go pick up the kids. I’m finally catching up!

I’m learning not to leave laundry laying about as well. We have a pile of linens that we haven’t found a home for yet so they’re sitting in a laundry basket. Guess who paid the ones that had fallen on the floor a visit. That’s right, Dasher the cat. I need to find a place for those sheets, and soon. I’m going to wear them out washing them before I ever get to use them again. On the plus side, everything is getting very clean. Ugh.

While my parents were here, they bought me two new dresses. They’re maxi-dresses, the current fashion. Long, empire-waisted dresses. They’re long enough that they pool on the floor around my feet until I put on my wedge shoes. They’re gorgeous though. I’m totally turning into a hippie – one of the dresses is tie-dyed!  🙂 So those got washed with the dark clothes the first time and I won’t get to wear them until the weekend because I’ll be languishing in scrubs all week. That’s OK, it gives me something to look forward to.

Laundry is not all that bad after all. It really is calming hanging everything up. It doesn’t require any thought at all so your mind is free to wander to day dreams or solving problems or whatever. It’s a meditation almost. And then, before you know it, it’s done and there’s nothing to do but leave it alone and go do something else until it’s dry. Yesterday that something else was writing and reading. Ah, the joys of a vacation between classes! And, the other great thing is that it takes no time at all to fold a single load of laundry. I fold it as it comes off the hangars and it keeps clean clothes from piling up and getting peed on by the cat.

I find that my garment rack works just as well as my clothesline did. Just leave a tiny bit of space between the hangars so that a little air can circulate around the clothes, and they dry nicely. In a fraction of the space. And, you can move the garment rack around to wherever is most convenient. I got mine for about $10 at Walmart. It cuts down on my electric bills to not run the dryer more than 10 minutes at a time. I run the clothes through the dryer for 10 minutes to knock the wrinkles out, then hang them. I used to have to run the dryer for an hour to get a load totally dry. While the savings isn’t $50 a month, it’s definitely noticeable. I highly recommend hanging your laundry, even if it’s just over the warmer months.

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  1. Living in Britain, we get a lot of rain, most months of the year. But we still like to hang our clothes outdoors to dry. Being an American, I love my tumble dryer, for having soft, easier to iron clothes (if ironing is needed). How to resolve? When weather permits, I hang all my clothes outdoors, for at least a couple of hours, sometimes all day. When they’re dry, they go in the dryer, for about 10 minutes, which activates the fabric softener (if I used it), and then they can be hung on hangars ready to put away. … Of course, jeans/towels etc won’t be dry in the cold weather, so they get longer in the dryer, but only a fraction of the time they would have needed if they’d gone straight in. ….. But I do give myself eco-points for having a condensing tumble dryer. No need for a vent in the wall, and a steady supply of clean water (recaptured steam) for the iron.

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