Food and feasting

Last night the kids went to their dojo for “Ninja Night”. It was a parents’ night out camp for the kids where they had Lego building contests, watched Lego movies and played karate dodgeball. Not exactly clear on how that differs from regular dodgeball, but it does. Meanwhile husband and I got an evening to ourselves. I introduced him to the Mexican restaurant that I discovered recently and he rediscovered his love of the food. Then we came home and watched the first hour and a half of the third Batman movie – the one with Bane. It was a delightful evening and the kids had a great time, too.

That was the last dinner out for a while. I am budgeting enough for one dinner out and two pizza dinners per pay period. That should be plenty. One of the pizza dinners may be homemade. We’re going to go to the butcher and order a bundle like we did last year. It’s about 80 pounds of various meats for around $2 a pound. Beef, chicken, and pork. That’ll eat up most of our grocery budget next paycheck, but it’ll last for quite a while. Besides that all we really need are fruits and vegetables. And you really can’t beat the price. It comes frozen and all you have to do is throw it in the freezer and then defrost what you need for the next 3 days. My husband can cook it if I get it defrosted and tell him what to do. He’ll learn my recipes eventually.

Speaking of recipes, I have a spanking good lasagna recipe but it calls for ground beef and sausage. I think I’m going to try and make it with veggies and another batch with the fake meats they have on the market now. They have faux ground beef that has the right mouth feel, and some faux sausage that I haven’t tried. But, as they’ll be smothered in sauce, the texture is really what matters. If either one (or both) works out, I’ll let you all know and post the recipe.

I love food and it’s what has gotten me in trouble. I’m not a small girl and, while I’ve tried to lose weight over the years, it’s never worked for long. Switching to vegetarianism should have helped, but I’m eating far too much bread and cheese and not enough actual vegetables. Starting to cook again should help with that. Making my own pasta sauces chock full of veggies, and stir frys, and snacking on carrots and dip instead of chips should all help. I’m starting to feel more like cooking these days. I’m getting back into the mood after many months of eating out of boxes and bags. Everyone’s diet and health will be better for it. Not to mention our pocketbook.

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