Mud Runs

I don’t know if you have these where you are, but every summer, across the U.S., there are marathons and runs. 10K, 8K, 5K, kids’ 1 mile. Some of these are themed and some are obstacle course runs. Some are obstacle courses in the mud. I want to do one but I have been afraid that I’m too out of shape. Apparently that’s not a disqualifier.  A couple of the ladies in my class did the last mud run. It was set up by women to be doable for women. The walls were only 5 feet high that you had to get over instead of 6, that sort of thing. It was made for fun, not for iron man challenge levels.

There’s another one coming up soon. It’s on the military base and there’s a one mile kids’ mud run as well. I’d love to try it. The only problem is that it costs $100 for a couple and another $35 each for the kids’ run. Even if only my son and I did it, it’d still be in the neighborhood of $85. As you can tell, I’m not a runner. This seems outrageous to me. I understand that it’s run by a charity (this one at least) and it’s a fundraiser, but $50 a person to run an 8K course through sand and mud that you didn’t have to do anything to arrange? The base is on a beach. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to cost that much to run. Especially since I don’t actually like running.

I guess this is just not something I can do this year. Money has gotten a little tight again because of the debt payoff that we’re having to do and I don’t have a spare $85 laying around. If we want to go running through the mud and sand, we can do it on our own, at the same beach, some other day.

It’s funny the things that are priorities for some are a waste for others. There are people who love to run and for whom this event would be a must. For me it’s a luxury that we can’t afford. Maybe I’ll get up the money and the gumption to try next year.

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