Yay. Laundry.

Yes, we are back to being able to do and fold laundry after having people tramping through the house and spreading dust and all kinds of stuff everywhere. We have been able to clear off the table downstairs and start folding again. Whew! I was getting short on scrubs!

And, add to that, we taught oldest child how to do dishes. They are doing their chores before any media time and that’s one of them. Now, they still need supervision to get everything done, but that’s to be expected since they’ve never had to do chores before. We took Memorial Day weekend off, so this week has really been the test. They seem to be doing it with only token protests, so that’s nice. We got a good base cleaning done on Tuesday (that still only took half an hour), and now it’s just maintenance. Wish I could do that to the rest of the house and keep up with it.

While laundry may not be my favorite thing to do, it’s pretty OK to put on some music and dance while you fold. The kids have to put away their own stuff and my husband’s dresser is down next to where I fold so I put his things away as I fold them. Really it’s only my stuff that sits out, folded but not put away. I should be ashamed of myself… but I’m not. OK, it’s not just my stuff; the linen sits out as well. We rearranged and got rid of furniture and got new, better furniture in its place, but we lost  a place to put linens. Our linen closet would be the logical place, you’d think, but that’s full of towels and toilet paper because there’s no storage in the bathroom. (And it’s too small to put some in there) Ah, well. We’ll figure something out before long. It’s just getting too frustrating to have sheets and blankets piled up and taking up space that should be clean.

We’ve finally caught back up from the cat pee incident as well. He peed all over our laundry because, apparently, I’d left it too long piled up but unfolded. It was the majority of clothing in the house. So it all had to be washed again. No hanging laundry lately because we’ve had loads and loads piled up. Then more piled up because I couldn’t do laundry because of the workers tromping through. AAAHHHHH! Too much. But, we’re almost caught up again and that feels good. We all have enough clothes to last us through the week at least, with more being washed every day.

Stupid cat.

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