Little Nothing thoughts

My garden is growing. I never replanted from when the dog got to it but there’s still time to plant more carrots and lettuce at least. I’m glad that at least one or two plants of each type seem to have survived the devastation. I still have corn and tomatoes and a couple of carrots and one lettuce plant. There are one or two other things in there that I’m not sure I recognize yet, but they’re growing and I’ll find out soon enough.

The days have been gorgeous lately – sunny and warm. We have had the air conditioning off and the doors thrown open during the day when we’re home and it’s been glorious. We got a new back storm door that has a dog door in it so all we have to do is leave the back door open and we get the beautiful weather and the dog can come and go as she pleases. Soon we’ll have a new door and storm door on the front as well so we’ll be able to leave the doors open and bugs won’t get it like they do now. Summer is always hot in the American South, and humid as all get out, but if we can keep the doors open and the fans on, that’ll save a ton of money on cooling the place. We still close up and cool the place off at night though. We really don’t like being hot when we’re trying to go to sleep.

Life is finally returning to normal after the weirdness of getting the siding and windows done. The window guy trooped through the house and had to saw out some of the windows so I couldn’t really use my kitchen counters for a couple of days because of the dust. We had to move furniture away from the walls and now we are able to move it back where it belongs. It’s nice.

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