Debt and spending

Clinicals again this week, and again all next week. Long, tiring days on my feet. But it’s good experience and I’m learning a lot. There are things going on in the world that a sheltered girl like me never even knew existed. Boy am I getting an education in nursing school.

Anyway … One of the major hurdles to my goals is that, when we get out of debt, we start spending more money. All that money that we suddenly have doesn’t get saved, it gets spent. That’s a problem. But, now that we have debt to pay off again we should get better about spending and I can work with that. Once we have the debt paid off again, I really will pay savings as though it’s a bill. I need to figure out what our average savings each paycheck is and set that as a bill in our computer checkbook. (we use Quicken and it serves well for our needs but there are plenty of others out there. Quicken came with one of our computers years ago and we’ve just updated it occasionally over the years) That will give me the ability to plan how much we can save and it will keep us from spending a ton. I will transfer it to a different bank as soon as it’s saved for the month and that will keep us from drawing on it for anything but necessities.

It will make planning easier and, if we have a surplus, I can dump that in savings at the end of the pay period. The way I’ve started budgeting, each new paycheck is a separate amount. If there’s anything left over from before it gets put in savings and all we have for the new pay period is whatever we got paid that paycheck. Honestly, there’s almost never anything left, but it could happen. If I keep the $1000 bumper fund in a different bank, we can’t dip into it just because we overspent one month. That doesn’t smack of great budgeting on our part, but it may well work. We’ve been spending so much this year so far on the house and the cars and the pets and so many much stupider things. With debt to pay off, I’m less likely to do that. I want all of our money headed toward debt.

I know, I’m sounding like a broken record, but this is what’s been on my mind lately. Being back in debt sucks and I’m determined to get out as quickly as we can.

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