Lazy Memorial Day

We haven’t even gotten dressed today. The boys (including my husband) have been playing video games all day and I finished my homework early and have been kicking back ever since. My younger son called my father this morning and thanked him, “for being in the war for us”. My son is 6. My father melted all over the phone. He was a puddle of grandpa. He was in the Navy during Vietnam and was lucky enough to come out of it without being messed up. Some of his friends weren’t so lucky. Some of the friends of my uncle – who was a ground soldier – weren’t lucky enough to come back at all.

Today is a day to remember all the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who didn’t make it home. So much is made of the Marines and the Army on days like today. I’m not saying they don’t deserve it; they are on the front lines of every conflict. But just try to include the sailors and airmen as well. Their sacrifices are no less difficult and their deaths no less tragic. My father was in the Navy, my husband was in the Navy, and I was in the Navy. It’s a thing.

I would like to honor all those who have fallen. Soldier, sailor, airman, and nurse. So many have fallen in defense of our country and our way of life. Whether you agree with the wars they fought or not, their sacrifices are real. Each and every one agreed to potentially give their lives for their country. Some did. Today is to honor them.

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