Pretty house

The siding and windows are done, the roof was done in December, and I have a new front door on order. The siding is light grey with white trim and the new door is red. We need to paint some of the wood trim on the garage white (it’s green right now), and then it’s on to minor landscaping (putting a few bushes and flowers out front), and finishing the upstairs bathroom renovation (we already have almost all of the materials to finish it), and then the house will be done and ready to sell.

When we got the roof done we were able to pay it off immediately, we had the money saved. Because of the timing of the move we aren’t able to do that with the siding and windows unless we raid the emergency fund (which is an option). I think the emergency fund is going to be renamed the house fund and used for closing costs on the new place. We’ll still have a little debt when it comes time to move, but that shouldn’t matter too much. Then we start fresh with a new, probably bigger, home loan (since we will be moving to a better area), and a small amount of consumer debt. I am hoping that, within 10 years, we’ll be able to pay everything, including the house, off. I won’t have been working for a full year by the time we move so my income won’t be factored into our loan qualification, and that gives us wiggle room to pay it off early.

I have fallen in love with this house again with all of the upgrades. The problem was never the house though, it is the school district. We bought this house because I fell in love with it. I just never expected us to stay here this long. This is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place, ever. But, it’ll be worth moving to get into a house in a better school district. And, the next house may well be our last house if I can find one that has what we want. A large lot, walls that are actually squared off, no pine trees, sidewalks, and a moderately sized house (nothing too huge or too small). All in a decent school district. The homes exist, the trick is just finding one that we can afford. That’s why I’m going to start looking several months before we actually want to move. It took me 5 months to find this house. If we are going to stay in the next house as long, I’m going to take my time and find a great place. I’m super excited to start looking.

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  1. Linda Murray says:

    Pictures, please! 🙂

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