Spending too much

My husband and I are having a little trouble curbing our spending. It’s not things that we’re spending on, it’s dinners. Dinner out, pizza delivery, that kind of thing. I failed to meal plan last week so it was dinner out, pizza, pasta, dinner out, pizza. Ugh. That took a toll on our finances. So, I’ve taken care of that for this week at least. Meals planned based on what we have available.

We went strawberry picking on Saturday and stopped by the farm stand on our way out. We bought a ton of fresh produce and I’m going to have fun figuring out how to use it. Peach pie, roasted carrots and, of course, the strawberry jam that I made. It beats store bought jam to flinders. I bought ripe cherries and a loaf of tart sourdough bread for garlic bread to go with our pasta this week.

Speaking of pasta, I found a great sale on it last week – 65 cents a pound. I bought about 40 pounds. It’s sitting up in our storage room now, just waiting. It doesn’t really go bad and we eat a lot of pasta in this house. I’ve never seen a sale price that low before (it beats the best I’ve seen by 34 cents a pound) and I don’t know when it’ll come around again so I figured I’d better be safe. 40 pounds should last us a while. 🙂

With a stocked pantry because I did a big stock-up-on-basics trip this paycheck, we will have no trouble putting together meals for the next couple of weeks. Yet we still went out to eat all last week. Ridiculous.

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2 Responses to Spending too much

  1. Mama At Home says:

    That is one of the problems we have. Even when I make a menu, we have days where we’re just too tired to cook, or we’re out late and have to grab something while we’re out. One of the things I fail to add into my menus are quick and easy substitute dinners that I can plan to have on hand for just those occasions. I’ve been working on it…I have to get back to being frugal…

    • Our go to meal is pasta. Cheap and quick. And I know what you mean about frugality. We keep having these big expenses that make the small expenses seem inconsequential. The problem is that we plan for the big ones but the little stuff kills our budget.

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