A thousand books

That’s, literally, how many I have. (I counted a while back and have added to my collection since then) The converted garage is given over to bookshelves, including the custom one that my husband built for my paperbacks. The only non-bookshelf areas are taken up by the computer desk, and a tall dresser. As of now, and for the first time ever, I haven’t read many of the books I own. I used to buy them a dozen or so at a time, read those, then buy more. Over the last year or so I got rid of half my books, trading them in to a used bookstore for credit, and restocked with used books. I have continued buying books significantly faster than I am able to read them though. Nursing school doesn’t give me that much time, and I have been reading non-fiction which takes longer for me to read. I can’t sit and binge read a non-fiction book in a day the way I can a novel.

So, for now I have declared a moratorium on book buying. No more! I will just have to figure out a way to resist, at least until I have read the majority of the books I now own. That’s going to be a while. It’s hard because books have been my constant companions throughout my life. I have passed books on to my children that were mine when I was their age. I have kept up with my favorite authors and bought their books as soon as they came out. I am backlogged though. It’s time to pause for a while and just read.

It’s a mild addiction for me. Some people are addicted to much worse things, but my book buying is almost compulsive. I’ll go out to buy groceries and come back with a book that I found in the store. It’s a family joke. But, if I want to save money, I’m going to need to quit making people laugh. It’s time to be happy with what I have in this arena, too. I think everyone has their own equivalent to my books. Maybe it’s yarn or fabric, or tools, or decorative figurines, or clothes, or junk food, or the latest tech but I think everyone has something that they just can’t resist. It’s a budget killer. $5 here and $10 there doesn’t seem like much, but it can add up quickly. If I want to stay out of debt, I need to learn to avoid places where books are sold, or at least that part of the stores that I have to go to. As with everything else in my life, I need to recognize when enough is enough. I have enough. I need to work with what I have until I have used it up, then I can trade it in for something else.

Self-discipline is something that I’m learning in my old age. Other people seem to get it quicker or not at all. Me, I’m a late bloomer. It’ll come though.

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