I have none. Let’s just get that out there. Whether it be chocolate or the latest thing I didn’t know I needed, I am a child of my generation and want it now. Trying to unlearn a lifetime of immediate gratification isn’t easy, but I’m working on it. Even when I didn’t have the money for things, they needed to be mine right now! That’s how I got into this mess to begin with.

I’m still lacking in willpower, but I am learning strategies to work around that. I just don’t go to the mall unless it’s with my husband who hates shopping and goes in for a specific thing then leaves – usually it’s a haircut or our glasses, not clothing. While I can’t avoid stores altogether, I can stick with one or two specific stores. Generally the kind that sell clothes and groceries next to each other. A one stop shop. Because I know the store so well, I have less incentive to just wander. I already know what they have and I’ve bought what I wanted, so I can just do targeted shopping. I will still glance around at things I buy frequently to see if any are on sale so I can stock up, but again, it’s not just random wandering. If I absolutely feel the need to shop, I hit a thrift store. I can power shop – spend hours sifting through every little thing – and come away with an armload of stuff for $20. It gets my shopping urge out without breaking the bank. Oftentimes I’ll only end up with a few things though, the thrill of the hunt being more fun than actually finding anything necessarily.

With those strategies, I don’t need to have willpower. I am avoiding places and areas where I might need it.

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1 Response to Willpower

  1. polianthus says:

    can totally relate to what you wrote – I can amble through shops without buying a thing just to look – especially in a foreign country – avoiding temptation is always better

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