Debt, again

We need some work done on the house to get it ready to sell. The timing is such that I won’t be able to save the money before we need it done. So, back into debt we go. It will take a couple of years to get back to where we are now, but the wonderful thing is that I know we can. So, it’s back to setting an amount to live on and sending every other penny to bills. We’re getting the estimate soon on how much the work is going to cost and I’m already starting to save and make a plan to pay it off. I’m determined that within the next 2 years we’ll be back to where we are now (assuming the estimate is as much as I think it will be), and in under 15 years we will be totally free of debt, including the house. I would love to have a goodbye mortgage party before I’m 55.

It stinks to be going right back again though. At least I’m more prepared this time. It’s not a crushing weight but a necessary evil that I will conquer quickly. Hopefully we’ll be starting fresh in the new house. We’ll save up an emergency fund again and be off and running, paying off the house in no time.

I know it seems a little premature to be planning my end of mortgage party, but I know we can do this. A year ago I never would have thought that far in advance. I just wanted to pay down our debts, maybe pay the cars off. My whole thinking about money management has changed. Instead of trying to figure out how to manage the next Visa payment, I am actively planning the future. Now I just need to get my day-to-day spending in line. Ah well, no one said it was going to be easy.

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