I am grateful for what I have. I am starting to realize that I have enough. It hasn’t really sunk in yet though. Like all Americans, I was raised on the American Dream. Rugged independence, and the idea that anyone could succeed if only they worked hard enough. Success in this country has long been measured by how much stuff and money you have. My husband is farther along than I in realizing what’s important and how much is enough.

I am happy with the size house we have and the size yard. It’s enough. We have a  house full of stuff. It’s enough. We are about to have more money once I graduate. Like most Americans, I may never think it’s enough. But, through careful management and thrift, I can make it enough. We live a comfortable life with some retirement savings and now a little to save for the kids to go to college. I am a wealthy person in a wealthy country: I have enough.

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