Surgery day

I’ve been writing posts in advance this week because I didn’t know how much my mind would want to focus as my sister’s surgery got closer. For those who don’t remember (briefly), she has a tumor in her skull that’s the size of a goose egg. She’s getting it removed today in a surgery that the doctor says can sometimes take 10-14 hours. And they still may have to go back in. The surgery is (obviously) quite tricky as the tumor presses on several of her cranial nerves, and her brainstem. She is on the opposite coast, so there is a 3 hour time difference. I won’t know how her surgery went until the middle of the night. I’m going to write a couple more posts while I’m in the groove here, but I’ll update once I know how it went as well.

I apologize for this little cheat on my part. I thought it best.

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