Falling out of consumerism

I have done many silly things in my life. Especially as concerns shopping. I’ve just emerged from one, in fact. Let me tell you.

I wanted to buy more eco-friendly products. A laudable goal, I’m sure you’ll agree. I also wanted to figure out how to lessen my trips to the grocery store on the theory that, the less often I go, the less often I’d be tempted by impulse purchases. Cosmic timing being what it is, I soon stumbled upon Amazon’s subscribe and save program. Here it was! A way to get eco-friendly products delivered right to my door every month! I signed up. Five or more products and you save more, so I scoured the site for products that I might need. Dry goods only, no food. I found laundry detergent and dishwasher pods, and compostable “paper” plates. I found razors and tissues made from recycled material. I subscribed to it all. I got a couple of deliveries and applauded myself on how smart I was because now I only had to go to the store for food. And, this stuff was cheaper than you would find it in stores!

Boy, I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I’m reading a book now (That I’ll review tomorrow even though I haven’t quite finished it – it’s that good.) and it reminded me that true eco-friendliness means consuming less. Oops. I had fallen into the trap. I had been consuming just as much and paying premium prices for green products. Darn. So I went in and cancelled most of my subscriptions. I’m still getting the compostable plates because I can’t find anything like that in our area for nearly as cheap, and the vegan multivitamins and one or two other things. But I’ve cancelled the dishwasher and laundry detergents. I was paying close to $20 every couple of months for something I can make myself for way less and that will last longer. I’m headed to the store today for the ingredients. (Those are links to the recipes for the cleaners) I have almost everything I need except for the washing soda. I bought multiples of everything and then stopped making it all because I thought I had found a deal.

Anyway, along with hanging laundry, I am back to making my own cleaners again. I feel better already.

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