Weeding is good for the outlook. Things are going to get rough here soon and weeding reminds us that sometimes we need to get rid of the useless and clean up our area for things to start looking better. I found a quote but it was unattributed: “Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.” Love it!

cheaper than therapy

I feel a little bit bad for the weeds, they’re just trying to survive. I just don’t want them taking valuable nutrients away from the plants that I want to grow there. Just like mind space, there is finite space in my garden for things to grow and I want certain things and not others. Here lately I have been trying to give my mind space to positive thoughts. Things are going to go poorly or well and there’s nothing I can do about it so I really don’t need to borrow trouble.

borrow trouble

I need to focus on today and let tomorrow wait. I have school and relationships that need attention before other things. They will come, there’s no need to waste time stressing over something I can’t do anything about. So, I’ve been trying to push those thoughts out and focus on the positives. They’re there if I look for them hard enough. And these days I’m looking. I’m pulling weeds and letting the flowers and veggies grow.

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