Future dreaming

I looked at houses on the internet yesterday. I wanted to give myself an idea of what was available in the area and how much we might have to pay for the kind of home and land we wanted. It seems like you either get a spacious house or a little bit of land, you can’t have both. That’s OK. I realized that I was looking for both and realized that I didn’t need to. The house we have is plenty big enough. It’s a two story house and we only really use the bottom story these days. The upstairs has a playroom and a storage room. If we only use the downstairs of our 1800 square foot, two story home, a 1600 square foot, one-story house would seem positively spacious! So we can look for homes on the smaller side with a larger lot. More land is more room for playing and gardening.

I’ve found the general price range I’d like to be in and it is reasonable. There are a few houses in areas we want to be in that fit all of our requirements. The big consideration is school districts this time.

I am content to make our next home our last home. I want to be able to dig in. To really make the house our own without consideration of resale value and what the next residents might like. If I want to give a quarter of the yard over to garden, I will be able to without having to worry about how long it takes for grass to grow back. If my sons want to paint their rooms battleship grey or screaming green, they should be able to. Right now I tend toward beige because I am used to having to keep things neutral to facilitate moving. I’ve done quite a bit of it in my life. It’s just easier to up and move when you don’t have to repaint everything first. Luckily, I kind of like browns. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to do a house in rich jewel tones? Each room a different color and each one a delight to the senses? I think I’d love that. Either way, we’ve lived in this house for 10 years and I’ve still not gotten it quite how I want it. I’d love to really get a home just the way I want it. I’ve never really gotten the chance before now and I find that it’s fun to try. Of course, the second I get it “right”, I’ll want to completely change it. 🙂

We have lived in the same basic area (three cities right next to each other) for 18 years now. It’s home. It’s a strange feeling to someone who moved every few years growing up and even more as an adult. I know this area now. I may not be native but I have put down roots. That’s not to say that we won’t ever move again, one never knows, but I’d be happy staying here. Who knows where we’ll end up though. I’m from the west coast and am now on the east. He’s from New England and is now in the south. We could end up anywhere really. How fun. But I certainly want to stay put for the kids for a while. I want them to go through school with the same group of people and form friendships that last. I have a couple of friends that I met in high school with whom I am still friends, but my husband has friends from elementary school that he still talks to. I can’t even imagine that.

All of this is to say that I’m dreaming of a future in which we have a house that we can stay in and pay off and really make our own. Doesn’t that sound fun?

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