A nothing of a day

Dishes are done and laundry is hung. Garden is planted and watered. Budget is planned and spending is down. I said I was going on a spending fast last week, then almost immediately broke it. Ah well, I’ll try again this week. The exception may be cat litter. That’s a definite need.

I’m starting a thin little book called Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach. He seems very concerned about climate change and says that green investing is to the 21st century what tech investing was to the 20th. He may well be right. Green products and services have exploded, as have vegetarian and vegan products. When Target sells and entire cooler full of frozen meatless meats, you know things are changing. Disney World now has a vegan bakery, too. Even my fossil fueled power company has invested in renewable energy. Something to think about when it comes time to invest.

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