I planted yesterday. It’s been two weeks since the last frost and I’m feeling pretty secure that it won’t frost again. Finally. I’m experimenting this year. Corn and popcorn (at different ends of the planting area), carrots and lettuce in the garden box, only three zucchini plants rather than the five I had last year, two different kinds of peas (again, separated in the planter), two kinds of tomatoes (I’m looking forward to the tomato soup!), and watermelon. We’ll see how it goes.

Planting is such an optimistic activity. You are hoping for growth and fruition. Spring has sprung and it’s time for the birds to be singing, the bees to be buzzing, and new growth to pop up everywhere. I am excited for this year’s garden.

I am not experimenting as much as I did last year, I’m sticking with things that I know we’ll eat the heck out of. Those tomatoes are destined for my husband’s lunch box and some incredible tomato basil soup. I’ll have to re-post the recipe later. The lettuce and carrots will be salads and beds for interesting Asian-inspired things that will include the snow peas that I’m growing. Corn is, well, corn. It’s yummy to eat and I’m hoping to get some popcorn this year – that’d be super cool. I’m going to have to look up how you care for it and when to harvest it, but I have an air popper and a dream. The watermelon is for my son. He loves the stuff and I promised him I’d try. I planted a ton of them – I’ll probably end up bringing them to school to hand out to classmates if I actually let them all grow. That’s not a bad idea, but transport will be difficult, and our classroom is on the third floor. And, finally, the shelling peas. I discovered that I adore peas right out of the pod. Shell them and eat them and they are little bursts of sweet goodness on your tongue. They aren’t mushy like cooked peas, and they are much better tasting.

Those are my plans. I don’t expect quite as good a year as I had last year because that was just crazy, but I’m hoping for a good year nonetheless. If you are planting a garden this year, what’s your plan?

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