I just started a book about simplification. It seems to be an organizing book. I’m dubious because it promised to change your life. The authors are claiming that clutter busting can even help you lose weight. Now, I’m all for simplification, and may actually do some of the things in this book, not because the authors are so great but because I’ve been meaning to do them anyway and this book is a reminder that I need to. I finds myself still reading even though I have all but dismissed the authors as bloviators. (I love that word!) As I said, it’s a good reminder that I need to go through the house systematically and reduce.

While I’m not averse to simplification/minimalism, I am not sure now is the time. Then again, what time is better? I’m already cleaning off the desk in little sips as I write. My husband would love nothing better than a house free from even some of the clutter that currently fills it. Or at least having things put away. It drives him insane that my son and I leave books laying about. He reads one book at a time and puts it away in a little storage cubby in the couch. My son and I sometimes have two or three books going at once and, because we don’t have little storage cubbies next to us on the couch, leave them on tables or out somewhere. I have bookshelves and so do each of my children. He feels that they should be enough to keep books out of the living room – at least more than the one we are currently reading. <plaintive teenage voice>He just doesn’t understand!

Really, what will make the house feel almost new again is just a good dusting. We don’t dust. It’s just not something we do very often. But, it’s spring cleaning time and now is the time to do all of this stuff. We’ve already started throwing open the doors to air out the house on nice days – of which we’ve had many lately – and I’m feeling optimistic about our chances of actually getting some sorting and cleaning done this week. Wish us luck!

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2 Responses to Simplify

  1. bmary says:

    Good luck! Have some wine while you’re at it.

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