Coming home

My family has been away all week. They went on vacation without me because I have had school. The house has been quiet and lonely. I will admit that I shopped all week. I took the opportunity to go clothes shopping without feeling like I had to be home quickly. I had donated all of my “big girl” clothes when I lost weight last time. I needed to restock since I’ve gained weight again. Thrift stores, sales, and one splurge at the mall, and I’m all ready for summer.

It was great, at the thrift store I looked through every book they had. Every single one. Because I could. I had nowhere I needed to be. I haven’t been totally alone like this, for more than an hour or two, since before the kids were born. It’s been wonderful not feeling like I had to get home quickly but I’ve missed them all very much, too. They’ll be home later today and the house will be noisy and full once more. I’ll go out one more time before they get home, just to waste time and not feel like I have to be anywhere, but it’ll be nice to have them back.

This means that I can plant this weekend or next week. I wanted to wait for the kids to get home so that they could help. I know the older one wants to and I’m sure the younger one will be interested in helping plant the green bean plant that he started at school. I don’t know why he chose green beans, but there it is. My husband will have green beans to eat. Maybe I’ll freeze them for use at Thanksgiving. I can’t wait. The weather is finally cooperating, too. I’m hoping that this year will be even half as good as least.

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