Skype is my cool new friend

I know, I’m super late to the party, but at least I got here eventually. My family is scattered across the country. Some of us on one coast, some on the other. I haven’t seen my sister in a couple of years, and it had been several before that time. But, I can see her over Skype. I can see my parents, too. While it’s not as good as getting a hug, for someone who only gets to see them once a year or so, it’s amazing. My family is going on vacation without me (because I can’t miss a week of school) and I’ll get to see my kids every day and maybe even read a bedtime story to my younger boy. I’ll get to see their excited faces as they tell me about their days. I know it’s been around forever, but it’s new and wondrous to me. If you have family far away, I highly recommend it.

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1 Response to Skype is my cool new friend

  1. Skype is indispensable for an ex-pat like me. Just wish _everyone_ in my family had it!

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