To begin again

To begin again is not to start from where you did before usually. You have learned and grown from the previous experience. You are not, in reality, the same person who tried before. As I begin again my quest for green and thrifty living, I know that I have succeeded in many ways and failed in many more. That’s OK. I get a to keep trying.

It's not the end

That applies to so much more than just beginning to be green and thrifty again.

I am feeling it, turning 40. I felt like things were starting to slide downhill. I can no longer be called young, and I am officially an adult, a middle aged one at that! I was feeling discouraged because I had to start school over, again and I’m not getting any younger. My kids are becoming more and more self-sufficient. I just felt like so many thing were discouraging. Here’s the thing though. I’m not dead yet. I’m in the middle of my story and,

Dr. Seuss

There is no time limit on that. If I don’t like where I am going I can change direction mid-course if I want. It’s my story. I’m writing it. Whether it is starting over on trying to live the life I want to live being ethical and thrifty in my actions and words, or starting a career at 40, it’s not over until I die. And even then, my actions and influence may live on.

In reality, I am not beginning again, I am continuing on. The choices that I have made, good and bad, have brought me here. My triumphs and failures don’t get erased every time I decide to try again. Every attempt builds on the one before and each time I either triumph or learn something. Oftentimes both. The only thing that matters is that I don’t stagnate. Then my story becomes boring and even I don’t want to read boring stories. One last quote and I’ll be on my way for today:

Bruce Lee

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