Just so you know, Target stores use Cartwheel, on app that give you % off certain purchases, they have their Red Card that is linked to your debit account and gives you a blanket 5% off everything, they give 5 cents a bag off for each reusable bag that you use for your order, they accept manufacturer’s coupons, and their own store coupons. You can stack all of them together for pretty significant savings. Add in iBotta, an app which gives you rebates on certain purchases from a variety of stores (mostly grocery types), and you can save quite a bit. I did a price book comparison between the major stores in our area and it turned out that Walmart and Target were neck-and-neck on pricing. If one thing was cheaper at Walmart, the next was cheaper at Target, and they were usually within cents of each other.

Full disclosure, my Mom worked for Target corporation and retired from there several years ago. I am a cheerleader for them because I like them though. Their stores are clean and bright and their service is usually good. I know a lot of people aren’t aware of all the ways they can save there, so I thought I’d do a little Public Service Announcement. 🙂  I am in no way compensated by them, I just really like the stores.

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