Minimalism out the window

I haven’t talked about it for a while. I haven’t even thought about it for a while. Let’s face it, I’m just not a minimalist person when I’m frazzled. Convenience trumps minimalism right now. I think that having a little extra money around has gone to our heads a bit as well.

Minimalism seems like something to strive for once I’ve gotten everything calmed down some. Right now it would just be a mess of getting rid of stuff and finding out later that I really needed it for school or something. There are an awful lot of things I need to get straightened out before I can start trying to go minimalist again. Minimalism without thrift is idiocy. I don’t want to be an idiot.

It would do me good to start thinking in that direction again though. Staking that out as an ultimate goal isn’t a bad idea. It would help me focus my efforts in the thrift area. If minimalism is my ultimate goal, do I really need that new doodad? And, minimalism means many things. I tend to think in extremes, so minimalism means living in a tiny house or in a small home with few possessions. But, minimalism doesn’t have to mean that. We have a ton of stuff. If we get rid of stuff we don’t like or use until what we have we use and love, that meets the definition of minimalism. We may still have a house full of stuff, but it’s the right stuff for us.

For now minimalism isn’t really on the table too much except as an abstract idea. The goal right now is to keep on getting back into the swing of things. Once I’ve got some order in the chaos, then I can start thinking about refining it. I will come back to it though. It’s too attractive an idea to let go entirely, and I’ve been too rigid in my thinking about it. Minimalism isn’t just for Buddhists and people living in tiny houses. Everyone’s level is different. Ours will be an exercise in compromise. My husband is all for getting rid of stuff, but he doesn’t want it to impact him seriously; my kids don’t know why we don’t buy even more stuff than we have already; and I like the idea (if not the reality) of tiny houses. We’ll get it figured out. Just not quite yet.

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