Oh my

School is crazy. I’m taking pharmacology. The second week we needed to memorize 150 drugs, their actions, adverse effects, contraindications, and drug to drug interactions. In 5 days. Needless to say, the time that isn’t spent actually in school is spent studying. But, today is a snow day. A rare and wonderful day off with the family. We only have an inch and a half on the ground, but our state is woefully unprepared to deal with it, so our corner of the world has shut down.

I’ve started working out with my trainer, and she happens to be a girl in my class, so we’re having a blast together. Once my sessions with her run out though, I’m going to be joining a karate class. Both my kids have started (the older one going back to it after several months gone) and it looks like a fun, good workout, and a practical skill to have. Plus, it’s a regular class that I’d be expected to attend. I need that kind of accountability or I won’t go since I have to work out in the evenings because of the kids.

We are spending more money on fitness these days because of my training and the kids  (and eventually my) karate. The thing is, because I’m either studying or at the gym, we are spending less money overall. I don’t have time to go shopping so we are using the food that’s been stockpiled in our pantry. I don’t have time to go recreational shopping. The money that’s going to karate and my gym is basically the money that we’re saving by having the memberships! It works out well.

Green has gone almost out the window with my husband doing more of the housework so that I can study. He will do it if it doesn’t inconvenience him too much and I have the stuff ready for him with no other alternatives around. I have tried to set it up that way, and he’s still greener than he was for that reason. The kids believe in recycling and my oldest even went with me to a sustainability fair in the area with tables from several different organizations and companies. He enjoyed picking up all the literature and talking to the people at the tables, learning about the different organizations.

The garden box is covered in snow right now. It’s fun to plan and dream about my spring garden, but it’s kind of hard to visualize at the moment. I have my seeds though and it’s going to be a good year. Organic, non-GMO, heirloom vegetables from a seed saver exchange. It doesn’t get much greener than that. And it’s all things that we’ll eat. My oldest son even picked out a couple of varieties that he wanted to grow. I love that he’s learning and participating in being green and saving the planet.

This post has gotten long, but we had a lot of catching up to do. I’ll post more later but, bye for now!

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2 Responses to Oh my

  1. Sounds like you’re right on track: compromising where you need to, forging ahead where you can, learning from past experience. Keep it up; we’re rooting for you!

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