Long time, no write!

Well, my savings plan has already been derailed. But, I still managed to put some away, so we’ve at least started.

I went to a flower and garden show over the weekend It inspired me and I made a pit stop at a local high-end garden center. Obviously there wasn’t much growing except in the hothouse, but they had seeds. Tons of organic seeds from a seed saver exchange. I now have my spring garden seeds. I may need more room… It was wonderful, I had already gone through a catalog and picked out what I wanted, and they had all of them, or my alternates, at the garden center. I’m so excited for spring now! I haven’t turned my compost in a while, so I have no idea how it’s coming, but I will at least have some to mix into my dirt.

I’m so excited – I have carrots, 2 kinds of tomatoes, 4 kinds of lettuce, popcorn, regular corn (I’m pretty sure I need to keep them separate so they don’t cross-pollenate), snow peas and shelling peas, zucchini, and soybeans. I’m going to have to use every last inch of my available space, plus some. my son (elder) is excited to help me out. My younger son isn’t quite there yet. I’ll get him involved in the watering come summer – he’ll be able to water, then play with the hose. They brought home seeds at the end of summer last year, so those need to get planted as well. I’m not quite sure how 5 cotton seeds are going to grow, but we’ll give it a shot.

I’m getting my braces off after a year and a half on Friday the 13th. I’m so excited to be able to eat corn on the cob and carrots and apples off the core and celery with peanut butter and popcorn again! I bought an air popper for popcorn just so I would have it when the braces came off. Oh, and nuts! I have a big bag of dried fruit and nuts just waiting for me. I’ll still have retainers, but I’ll be able to eat crunch and sticky foods again. I will admit that my first purchase after the braces come off (or the next day at the latest) is to go get a fancy caramel apple. One with chocolate and caramel and nuts all over it. Aaaahhhhhh, it’s going to taste so good!

Nursing school is hard. I have lists of drugs and all of their effects and information to memorize. It’s a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. That’s why I’ve been away, I’ve been committing all this stuff to memory so that I don’t kill anyone once I get out in the real world. Seems like a good use of my time. I do miss writing here though. It’s a vacation from school thinking and instead I get to focus on what else is important in my life. Thanks for bearing with me.

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