Clinicals went well. I went two days in a row and both days were educational. That’s about as much as I’m allowed to say for privacy reasons, but I learned quite a lot and had a good experience.

Anyway, my braces aren’t coming off until the middle of next month, but I’m ok with that, I’m in the home stretch.

I had this big pep talk with myself to start saving money again and stop spending quite so much, then it was time to get everyone new glasses. So much for not spending much. Ah well. Not much can be done about that. We have the money, it just means we won’t be putting much in savings this time around. Not an auspicious start to be sure, but I’m not discouraged. My goal is to save enough to get siding put on the house this time next year. If I’m really good, we may be able to afford windows as well. But, with a start like this, well, that’s certainly not guaranteed. My husband laughed at me when I told him the savings goal number. He thinks I’m too ambitious. I figure it’s better to strive for as much as possible, that way, even if you fail to hit the high goal, you’ve done more than if you’d slacked off working toward a slight goal.

I’m trying to be greener as well. The thermostat is set cooler than it has been in past years. I’m sitting under a blanket and snuggling with my boys to keep warm. The power strip is turned off so that all of the peripheral appliances attached to the tv are off.  I am making the kids more aware of energy and water waste, and they have called me out on it a couple of times. My sons want to help me plant in my garden and have saved seeds to try to plant. I will save them space and we’ll try. The older one really gets into helping me garden, so that’s totally cool.

It’s strange to be looking forward instead of trying to shore up what we did in the past. Strange, but good.

Really, I’m just trying to do the best I can, just as we all are.


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