Back to it for everyone but me today. Although, I have a ton of homework to do today, so I guess it’s back to it for me as well.

One of my resolutions for this year is to go fully vegan. I’ve been getting a smidge too cavalier about my dairy consumption lately. This will aid in another of my resolutions (quite a common one), to lose weight. Plant based diets are good for that sort of thing. Resolutions are tricky things though. If you state them as such, they become something that you’re pretty much expected to break. I hate making changes this time of year for that very reason, but the urge is almost irresistible. So, getting healthy is one set.

Saving money is another set of goals. We are working on an emergency fund, but we are also looking to get new siding and windows put on the house. We are getting an estimate this week just to see how much we need to save. That will be my savings goal for the year. This time next year we will be able to do it. Once that’s done, we just have to work on finishing up the inside of the house! Ugh. But, if we’re going to sell it in a couple of years, it needs to get done.

Thrift is slowly becoming a way of life. Our splurges are much smaller than they once were. They are far more reasonable things, as well. My big splurge is personal training for a month to kick start my exercise program. That’s it. That’s all I could think of that I wanted.  Even that feels like quite a splurge to me. I used to drop as much on books in a month as I’m planning to pay for the training. My how things have changed. My husband never was much of a spender regularly, but he liked to splurge sometimes. I have generally been the one to spend most of the money. I grocery shop, buy the clothes for all of us, do the gift shopping… my spending has calmed down quite a bit this last year though. We still spend a lot, but most of it is on food for my boys. We didn’t go into debt for Christmas, that was a first. And, I’m sitting in the living room with all the lights and power strips turned off, under a blanket, using the sunlight from the picture window to light the room. Even a year ago, this would never have happened. I’d have the curtains drawn, the heat cranked up, all the lights on, and the tv on in the background for company. I’ve still got a long way to go, but things have definitely changed for the better this past year.

Now it is time to look forward. A new year is upon us and with it comes new chances to do things better (or differently at least). I’ve shared my big resolutions, what are yours?

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