Random randomness

Early start today. There’s no telling whether that means I’ll get things done or I’ll end up taking a nap. Hopefully the former. I’ve been in vacation mode since Christmas Eve and it’s been lovely, but it’s time to transition back into the real world now.  I hope you got a winter (or summer depending on where you are) break.

I got down last night on the floor and played Legos with the boys. It was fantastic fun but boy did my back hurt from bending over those small pieces. I had my older son dissolved in giggles with the decorations I was trying to put into the house we built. It had been a while since I’d really played with them and it was nice. My husband is serious about Legos. He loves putting the kits together, all those tiny bits and bobs and following the directions exactly, he loves it. It fulfills the mechanic in him. Once they’re together, he doesn’t mind them getting ripped apart to build other things, he just enjoys putting them together.

We are finally able to start fully funding my husband’s retirement account at 15% of his salary. We maxed out the company matching funds but didn’t go any higher because we were still paying off debts and wanted as much as we could get to go towards that. Once I start working, we’ll do the same percentage for mine. That means I have a year to learn about investing so that I can pick a good 401K. The husband’s goes directly into a government sponsored account that we love, but I’m not eligible for it.

Nursing school is going well I think. I always feel on the brink of failure, but that has to do with the pace of the classes. They go in five week segments so I have finals every fifth week. Tests are weekly or more often. It’s not easy for someone with an anxiety disorder, but through the wonders of medication and determination, I’m getting through it. I got my stethoscope a couple of weeks ago. Then I promptly went out and bought a good one. The one they supplied wasn’t great. But, I’ll have the one I bought for years to come. We learned how to take vital signs just before break, too. Exciting! I know, I’m a dork, but this feels like where I should be. I’m glad I have found something that seems to fit me so well and that I can get excited about.

Ok, enough rambling randomness for the time being. It’s early and I’m still on my firat cup of coffee. I might be more coherent tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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