Goals and thoughts

I have a library overflowing with books, half of which I haven’t read yet. This year I am going to work my way at least part of the way through my to be read shelves. The problem is, most of them are novels, bought last year when I was on a novel kick. My tastes run toward nonfiction just now.I have stuck (mostly) to my pledge to buy only used or ebooks so as not to kill more trees. It seems a silly thing when you consider that I go through a notebook a month journaling, but no one’s perfect. I suppose I could try journaling on the computer, but it’s just not the same as sitting down on the couch with pen in hand. I can write faster than I type. Not only that, but I write in cursive. Weird, I know.

My family surrounds me, my boys playing with Transformers, my husband reading, and me. We are cozy and still in our jammies. We spent much of the beginning of our holiday break sick – one right after the other. Now we are staying home for the fun of it. New Christmas presents and books bought with Christmas gift cards are keeping us busy and happy. School and work will start again soon enough, but for now we are playing.

The new year brings new challenges with it for all of us. My baby will have to get better at reading, my older son will need to conquer long division. My husband will have to decide where he wants to be in the coming years, and I will have the challenge of getting through school without having to repeat any classes. I have weight to lose and we have money to save. I am confident that we will all meet our goals. I hope your goals get met and exceeded this year as well. The new year is a day old and we have 364 more days to succeed.

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