The perfect gift

It is so much fun to find that perfect gift to give someone. I love getting gifts, big and small, and seeing what the giver thinks I’d like. I love ripping the paper open or digging through the gift bag. It’s fun.

But I love giving gifts as well. I put great thought into what to get the people in my life. Last year I managed to find the gift that tops all gifts I’ve ever gotten for my sister. (Yay for Pinterest, I lifted it right off her favorite things board) She and her husband were overjoyed. They took their holiday pictures with it. I can’t top it this year and I’m not going to try. They’re getting things that I made and things they’ll use. But I have picked things that I know they’ll appreciate even if they’re not as spectacular as last year’s gift.

Gift giving is an incredible feeling. To see someone’s face light up and know that you got it right is awesome. It bothers my mother-in-law that I ask for the same gift card to the bookstore every year. What she doesn’t understand is how very much I appreciate it when I get it. She is always surprised at how happy I get when I open it. Choosing what to buy with it is an art. Taking the person who gave it to you’s tastes into account and buying something for yourself that they would have bought for you if they’d known you would enjoy it. Then you can report back and tell them what you got with it and they’ll be happy, too. I know, it seems like more thought than is necessary to put into buying something with a gift card, but I want to make them glad they got it and think that it was the perfect gift (which it was).

Giving someone what they ask for is rarely a bad idea. It may not be a huge surprise, but it will be appreciated. Unless of course it’s your 9 year old son and he wants a hand-held gaming system, money, and his own cell phone. Then you say no.

Gifts are a wonderful thing as long as they are actually gifts. As long as you have taken the time to pick out something that you think the recipient would really enjoy and give it with love. Then gifts are an expression of what’s in your heart, not just what you can afford or will make you look good. There are times when people expect gifts – at the holidays or on their birthday – and it’s so much fun to give and get presents, but there are times when people don’t expect gifts and it’s fun to give them then, too. With the holiday season upon us, most of us are focused on the big one, but maybe give small gifts for the 12 days of Christmas, or decide to “adopt” someone for the coming year and give them a gift every month. Maybe do it anonymously so they’re really surprised each month (if you think they’ll open anonymous gifts). Don’t forget all of the other little opportunities to make someone happy. Just a “thinking of you” card is enough sometimes. Heck, surprise a co-worker with a cup of coffee one morning. Big things are great, but little things matter, too. Sometimes more.

That being said, I really am looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces when they open their gifts, and seeing what they got me.  😀

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