Basics, again.

Being green? Well, I’m recommitting to it. Again. Husband dear and I had a talk. I am going to start focusing on being a wife, a mother, and a student, and leave the rest to take care of itself for now. I was spreading my attention too thin, trying to be super vegan, worrying about being completely ethical in my life, trying to get A’s in classes that I am struggling in, trying not to snap at the kids because I was so stressed,  and trying to have quality time with him. So, back to basics. House, family, school. I got lost in my head with ethical tangles. For now, it’s important that I get my kids raised, my marriage stays strong, and I get through school. I can be an imperfect vegan, but I can’t save the entire world right this minute. I have lost track of some of the important things and I need to get those back on track before I do much else.

Back to basics. Green, thrifty, wife, mother, student, vegetarian. Not necessarily in that order. 😉

So, back to green. I need to make dish soap and shower soap again. I am sending some of the shower soap to my sister, she likes tea tree oil scent, so I need a batch of that as well as my orange blossom. I am going to bring the garment rack back down and start hanging clothes again. I no longer have a clothes line, so it’s back to the garment rack. It works just fine for a load at a time, which is all you really need. We have been pretty good with the lights, but not with the electronics. Need to start turning those off at night again. All those little vampires are sucking up electricity!

Thrifty? Well, not so much lately. Christmas shopping and stress have sent me spiraling back into spending mode. We are nowhere near as bad as we once were, but it needs to stop. I have a little bit more Christmas shopping to do, but it’s nothing completely unreasonable.  I haven’t been so stupid as to buy clothes for regular retail or anything, but I have gained weight 😦 and so needed to head to the thrift store for some pants. Ah well. Nursing school is a very unhealthy place. We haven’t been cooking too often lately either. We’ve been spening our money on dinners out or delivery. (And Iwonder why I need bigger pants…) Not terribly thrifty.

In short, we’ve gotten way off track. But, at least I’m not staring from scratch. I have some mechanisims in place already that will aid me in getting going again. I have the garment rack to hang clothes, I have the ingredients to make cleaners and soaps, and I have the desire to pick up where I left off. We all stumble and I knew this wasn’t going to be easy for a lifelong spendthrift and waster, but this is what the journey is about. On the plus side, we have a full recycling bin every two weeks and only need to put out one trash barrel (down from two this time last year) every week. And that one is rarely actually full. We’ve made some progress. We don’t go into debt for our fun anymore either. We may not be making progress on our bills this past month or so, but we haven’t made anything worse. That’s progress of a sort as well. We’ll get back to it.

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