I have been so focused on getting everything done quickly that I had forgotten this. We were able to pay down bills and I want to pay the rest of it down quickly, but life sometimes intervenes. I wanted to make the transition with my eating almost instantaneous. Not so much. I wanted to be green immediately, I backslid. Just because things can’t get done immediately, or I take a step backward, doesn’t mean I am done. It doesn’t mean I can never move forward again.


I have been a determined optimist my whole life. I have anxiety and so worry about everything but try as hard as I can to see the good side. My life isn’t over, therefore I have more chances. We are getting there. Slowly but surely, we are getting there. I am getting myself together bit by bit.

This is a huge lesson for me. I had been a person who tried things once or twice and gave up if I couldn’t do it. I have finally figured out that I have just as many chances as I need to get it right. For me, for now, there is no time by which this must get done.

I’ll do my best and keep chugging along, as should we all.

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