Well, crud

It seems I’m not very good at this whole vegan thing. I have lapsed into a lacto-vegetarian because I keep forgetting my hazelnut milk at home and want a second cup of coffee at school. They don’t have non-dairy creamer. Also, cheese.

I will get there eventually, but for right now, this is where I am. It’s still better than nothing.

One of the things making all of this more difficult is that neither my husband nor I have been in the mood to cock for the last couple of months. I finally went through one of my cookbooks and got a week’s worth of recipes. I went shopping and have everyrhing I need. The first recipe was for handmade ravioli with a squash, sage, and molasses filling. I’m trying to figure out which kinds of squash I like. Well,  the pasta came out doughy because it was too thick (but it tasted fine, so I’m going to try it again. Eggless pasta, pretty cool!), and the filling was gross. Mushy and bland. Not two of my favorites, especially when they’re together. So, I decided to try something else. Beans!  I soaked them overnight and dumped them in the slow cooker, thinking they’d be done by the time dinner rolled around. I put them on low and, 12 hours later, they were still rock hard. So, I left them on overnight. Still hard. So I turned the cooker up to high and left for school. 6 hours later, they’re still not tender. These might just be a loss and I’ll have to get a bean pot and do it right.

This doesn’t seem to be going well so far. But, my family’s motto is “we shall persevere”. Eventually I’ll get a few recipes I can go to besides just salads, apples and peanut butter, and oatmeal, and we’ll be in business. Adding dairy back in opens up many more possibilities, but I am still trying to keep that to a minimum. I am using hazelnut milk for my coffee and oat milk for my cereal. The only places that I’m actually consuming dairy are small amounts of cheese, and the occasional coffee creamer when I forget to bring my own.

I know how much you all care about my eating… really, being vegan has saved us money. Vegetables and dried beans are really quite less expensive than all of the processed junk we were buying before. I am still buying some of it for the kids -granola bars and such – but we have cut down on prepared dinners and “convenience” lunches. We are buying half as much meat as we used to so we can afford the butcher shop grass-fed beef and organic chicken (not that it’s that much better, but it’s about the healthiest available and, if they’re determined to eat meat, I’m determined to get the best for them that I can). The entire grocery bill has gone way down because of the homemade cleansers, the increase in veggies, and the decrease in meat consumption. Thrifty and green all at once! YAY!

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