Opps, we did it again

Well, true to form, we got a little ahead on our bills and went on a little shopping spree. Ok, not so little. But, this time we will be able to pay it off in a few extra months. Not too many. And, it was stuff that we actually needed.

I know…you’re not supposed to go out and run bills up as soon as you’ve paid them off (or down, in our case), but we were going to do this with the windfall money we got anyway. It works itself out. And, the purchases will help with the back pain I’ve been having. Sometimes a little debt is worth it. And, it only adds a couple of months to the payoff.

Ah  heck, I know I’m justifying some. Debt isn’t what we want and I’d sent that money to the credit card. But, it didn’t eat up all the money I sent and it really will help my back. Sometimes you actually need to buy big ticket items. And, we’re still a year ahead of my original timeline.

I feel a little strange about the whole thing. After all, I have spent a year paying things off, and to now spend a largish chunk of money, even on things we needed to replace, makes me feel a little guilty. I am a little proud of the deals I got though. One piece was given to us at the floor model price even though it was new. One piece we got on clearance because someone had returned it for being the wrong color. It is the right color for us. We got it for half price. The last piece was on sale for the holiday. If you’re going to spend money, it’s at least nice to get a good deal.

I never in a million years thought my views on money would change so dramatically. I was a total spendthrift for years. I never got us into trouble, but there were some slim days right before we got paid again. I’m still the one responsible for spending money, but now it’s on groceries and such. Where I used to buy my clothes at department stores, I buy at thrift stores now mostly. I may not be the most frugal woman on the planet, but I have certainly changed from my spendthrift days!

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