Bits and bobs and lost shirts

Theoretically, going vegan or vegetarian is cheaper than eating meat. The problem comes in setting up your vegan kitchen. I am trying all kinds of different products to see what I like and so it’s actually just as expensive as meat eating. Once I get a small stable of “milks” and “cheeses” and “burgers”, I’ll be able to back off on buying three kinds of everything. I’m slowly getting there.

My little family is chugging along fine. We got a counter-top compost bucket for scraps because the old, plastic, under the sink model was holding onto odors something fierce. Stinky! I found biodegradable compost bags and bought those to go inside. It’s much easier and they were relatively inexpensive. I still dump everything out and just drop the bag in the compost, but it keeps the composter clean.

I lost all of my fall and winter shirts and sweaters. I have no idea what I did with them. I had to go get long-sleeved white shirts to go under my scrubs so I got a few extra shirts just to be safe. Huh. It’s a mystery. I really have no idea at all where they might be. We moved the bedrooms downstairs over the summer and everything got rearranged and somehow the house ate them all.

It’s time to decorate for Halloween! I’ve stocked up in past years at seasonal and after season sales and so have quite a collection of decorations. I buy pumpkins at the local warehouse store – giant pumpkins for cheap – and use them all season. My local craft store has 50% off coupons pretty regularly so I use those, too.

I love October because it’s the beginning of the decorating season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I adore them all. I love the act of decorating the house but I only do it for the last 1/4 of the year for some reason. Oh well, it’s fun.

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