Hello my lovelies!

Yesterday we hosted a dozen 8 and 9 year olds for my son’s first birthday party that’s not just family. We were cleaning and doing yard work for a week. He wanted a Minecraft birthday party. It’s an 8-bit video game where the kids can build whatever they want and fight pixelated creatures. Minecraft doesn’t license party supplies so I had to cobble it all together myself.

I printed the invitations using a picture I found online of a creeper (a monster from the game). The cake will have a photo transfer of a screen capture from the game. I splurged on licensed stickers and pins but everything else in the goodie bags was bought either at the dollar store or in the cheap bins at Target. I scoured each place for gifts that wouldn’t look cheap. We got a piñata – instead of one with a cardboard picture plastered on it (if we could have even found one), I got the classic star shape. Those are cheaper than any of the others and somewhat easier to break.

For activities I decided on fabric flags belted on or stuck into waistbands for flag tag, and bought cheap inflatable swords for a huge sword fight.  Beyond that it was pizza, piñata, and cake. We splurged a bit because this is a once a year thing and it was his first friends party. Mostly it was kids running around and being kids. The last few birthday parties have been successful with minimal planned activity and kids just being together. Here’s hoping ours had that right blend of activities and fun.

On the financial side, we got a little (well, actually pretty big) windfall last week. We were able to pay off the second car and half the credit card. This brings my financial plan forward an entire year. It is such a relief. My husband’s comment on paying the cars off?  “Well, now we really have to take care of them!” Yes, because we really don’t want another car payment any time soon.

I passed my last class with flying colors, and now I’m into the second half of anatomy and physiology. I am also in composition 101. Apparently my composition was so long ago that the school won’t accept it. They also won’t waive it for me even though I was taking masters level English just a few months ago. To add insult to injury, I’m not a fan of the teacher! Ah well. I’ll get through it.

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