Wow. I put a few things up on Freecycle and I had 6 people express interest in the convertible crib I posted. For those of you who don’t know, Freecycle is a group where you can post things you no longer want – everything from shampoo to cribs to bookshelves – and things that you are looking for – records and computers and blankets or whatever – and people will respond to give or accept your things. It’s like putting things out on the curb with a sign saying “free”. It is community based meaning there is generally one for each city or area and you have to post in your own area first. But, what a neat idea. There are community virtual yard sales online as well. Many of them on Facebook. I made a bit of a boo-boo though. I get the digest version of the offers on freecycle and I forgot that that’s not how everyone gets them. I didn’t check my email until 4 a.m. There were a couple of people who said they could pick the items up that day. Oops. Well, I’ll know better next time.

This is another one of those services I’ve known about for a while but didn’t really take advantage of until recently. Much of the stuff is small and there are a lot of postings for kids clothing and toys. Boy, I wish I’d looked into it sooner!

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