Random things

Bunk beds that seperate into full sized beds are on their way to my house. The boys needed an upgrade (one bed was broken and the other was a day bed that still used the little one’s crib mattress!). We found a full sized over full sized bunk bed set that will seperate into regular beds once they decide thay don’t want to share a room anymore. Yay for convertible furniture! And, we didn’t go into debt to get them. Even better.

I just paid my electric bill and on it is the past year’s usage information. Granted, last year was hotter than this, but my energy usage is down about a third from what it was the same month last year. Averaging the first six months of last year versus the first six months of this year, our usage is down 85.8 kWh per month. That’s not bad. It would be even lower if I’d hang clothes more regularly. I know, I keep saying I will but I keep backsliding because it’s just so easy to push the button and let it go. That way lies wrinkled clothing however.

I ordered my fall seeds from a company that sells organic, non-GMO seeds for the same price as what I’d buy at the grocery or home improvement store. The Seed Savers Exchange is the name of the organization. Lots of wonderful plants and some of them are winging their way towards me now. Spinach, broccoli, a lettuce mix, and carrots (I’m going to try those again). I know there are other fall crops. Are there any favorites out there? We’re thinking of a kale plant or two to add to salads.

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