Garden update (because I know you were dying for one, right?)

I am that person. My husband took five huge zucchinis in to work with him. He came back without them so I’m assuming someone took them. The tomatoes ate starting to slow down some. I had enough to make salsa for a party, spaghetti sauce (enough for four family meals!), and tomato soup. Not bad for someone who hasn’t been able to grow anything in the past.

My poor little ornamental pumpkins drowned. The rains the other day combined with poor drainage under their planter, and they are no more. My butternut squash are coming along just fine though. I had to look up online how to know it’s time to harvest them. Yes, I am that gardener. I planted things just to try them without having any idea if or how they’d grow.

Oh! I have corn! I have about five ears on stalks that were blown over by the wind a couple of storms ago. I had no idea they got silk right at the beginning of growing. Cool new knowledge.

Next year I’m going to get seed catalogs instead of just relying on what’s in the stores. That will be super exciting. For this year I need to figure out what to plant for my fall garden. I need to hit the books. I know broccoli and lettuces do well but that’s it. And I need to find out when to plant it all. I am totally a gardener now.   

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5 Responses to Garden update (because I know you were dying for one, right?)

  1. lizard100 says:

    Last year we sautéed and froze a load if zucchini and it was great.

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