Cleaning out

I cleaned out a couple of my kitchen cabinets yesterday. I moved all of the food to the pantry and left only the baking ingredients and such. The cabinet is almost bare, and I found things that I’d forgotten I had. It’s amazing what happens when you organize. Things are where they belong finally.

I went through the storage last week and had eight large bags to give to the thrift store. We still have so very much stuff though. We’re getting there though. We have decided that, since we are living totally downstairs now, we can probably get by in a smaller house than this one. That will allow us to afford more land maybe.  What an exciting conclusion to come to.

I watched a documentary on tiny houses recently. It wasn’t great, but there is something very attractive about the idea anyway. There are many reasons people choose them, but I think mine would be the ability to focus on something other than our stuff. We have piles and piles of clothes. We have more dishes than we ever use. We have more movies than we could watch in a week with no sleep. We just have piles of stuff. We spend a lot of time and a lot of money (in terms of house footage) to store it all. If we had no space, we couldn’t have all of this stuff. We would have to pare it down to the things that are actually important. Most people who choose tiny houses are single or couples, there just isn’t room for a family in 200 square feet. But we can fit in 1500. That gives us ample space to move around and to each have our own little space. It won’t take nearly as much upkeep as a 2500 square foot home.

I never thought I would think this way. I grew up in a time of big houses and conspicuous consumption. Each home I lived in was bigger than the last, and we moved a lot. I think we ended up somewhere in the neighborhood of 2800 square feet. So, for me to believe that our family of four can thrive in 1500 is something of a miracle. We are slowly paring down and recognizing that stuff isn’t as important as we once thought it was.

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