Not so minimalist after all


I haven’t thought about minimalism in a while. With all of this moving and consolidating, it has come to mind again. I was conflicted before about getting rid of prefectly good stuff that I may need at some point. The thing is, I’m realizing that at least some of this stuff I will never use again. That makes it clutter and something that I need to rehome.

I said yesterday that our stuff seems to be spawning. It’s true. Things that used to be stuffed in closets are now out in the open. No more out of sight out of mind. Now my quest is to wade through an entire room of stuff and weed out what I don’t need. There are boxes of glass Christmas ornaments that I won’t use again because I don’t want them broken by the cat. There are boxes of fabric and crafts that I’m not going to have time to get back to for years.

This is where things get difficult. I am notorious for starting projects and never finishing them. Or getting all the supplies for them and never even starting the project itself. I always intend to get back to them though. I think what I need to do is keep some of the tools (the cutting mat and rotary cutter for quilt making), but get rid of much of the unnecessary supplies (5 of the 8 different kinds of fabric I have without plans on how to use it). That way I have some supplies for when I actually do want to go back to it down the road but not a bunch of random supplies without a plan. If I keep the bare minimum necessary for each project, I will still have the option of going back to it. That seems a good compromise.

My life will probably never be actually minimal, but I can winnow it down some. And I can learn how to reign in my acquisition. 

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