The hurricane/tropical storm/whatever Arthur is is beating up my garden. We’re safe and sound inside and only lost power for a few hours. My poor garden though. It was just recovering from the last storm. This one has knocked my corn over.  Pooh.

We continue to clean and purge the house. Today it was moving closets around. My husband and I went through and got rid of about half of the stuff hanging in our closet because there was no use for it or, in a lot of cases, it didn’t even fit anymore. I still have an entire room to go through. Stuff that we just moved upstairs to get out of the way. There are a lot of things that I haven’t even looked at in years that I need to get rid of. 

It feels really good to clear out closets and rooms. Things are cleaner and roomier. I feel lighter after we clean something. We have bags and boxes to donate to the thrift store and still our stuff seems to be spawning. We’ll get it done though.

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