Money, money, money! I’ve been zipping through personal finance books this week. I think I’ve read three so far. I rediscovered the library and I’m awfully glad I didn’t buy a couple of these. That’s ok though, I am having fun. Thankfully the library has some up to date titles as well as the older classics. I don’t necessarily want investing advice from a book written in 2005 (at the height of the housing bubble). However, books on thrift never go out of date. Neither do books on organizing. I told you all a long time ago that my addiction is books. I adore reading, and I’m on a non-fiction binge lately.

And, reading is actually helpful in staying on track with my frugal and green plans. I am going to reread a couple of books that were particularly useful and inspiring. The Zero Waste Lifestyle, and Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. For now though, I need to stay on track with the books I got from the library. Organizing, personal finance/budgeting, and frugal.

My advice is to find something that works for you – books, wesites, a group of friends, whatever – and check in at least a couple of times a week. It’ll keep you focused on your goals and keep whatever it is in the front of your mind. If your goal is to save money, set aside a little each week instead of all in one shot. Read books about wealth or budgeting. Look at frugal websites. If your goal is to get more eco-friendly, look at the cooperative extension (or similar) website a couple of times a week. Like a green organization or two on Facebook. Read about nature or that sort of thing. Take a walk a couple of times a week and appreciate just what it is you’re interested in saving. Whatever it is, figure out a way to keep it fresh in your mind. The more you think about it, the more likely you are to stick to making it happen.

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