A little adds up

My vegetable crisper is getting more veggies every day. Exciting!

I put my money where my savings were today. I went grocery shopping and the money I saved (handily shown at the bottom of my receipt) went into my “holdover” account. That’s the account I use in my bookkeeping software to set money aside so it doesn’t show up in my checking balance. If I don’t see it there, I won’t spend it. I know it’s set aside to pay debt (and, right now, summer camp fees), and I enjoy watching it grow and being able to send all that money to the bill at once. An extra $5 or $10 or $30 really adds up over the course of the month. It galls me to feel like I’m paying full price for everything when I know I got some excellent deals, but it’ll feel good when I send that check to the bank for the car payment.

I feel like I’m on track with the debt part of my money, now I just need to find more ways to save.

I’m shopping sales but not couponing. The newspaper ends up being more of a pain than it’s worth and I can’t seem to find coupons for veggies and fruits.  😉  I’ve finally gotten to the point that much of the food I buy is unprocessed. It’s not always super cheap, but there are always sales on meat (the rest of my family still eats it) and in-season fruits and veggies. And, now that my garden is coming in, I already have some great vegetables to experiment with.

I need to get back to hanging my laundry. I keep letting the clothes pile up until there are two or so loads worth that need doing. It’s so much easier to catch up if you dry them in the dryer. Laziness is not a frugal virtue. And, if I can work out how much I save on electricity each month – maybe by comparing it to last year – I can put that money aside as well.

I just finished making soap and detergents a little while back, so I need to put the money that I saved doing that away as well. It’s not huge savings, but every little bit helps. Ok, I just actually worked it out and it’s right about $25 a month when I use the prices for the detergents we used to use (assuming we’d go through a bottle/box of each a month). Not bad! And, $0.50 a bar cheaper for the soap. That really does add up. I’ll schedule that into my bookkeeping software as a holdover payment each month along with the rest.

That’s already a significant amount without lifting a finger to do anything special. We’ll have less money each pay period to spend on silly stuff, but I am getting back on the meal planning train, so that won’t be as bad as it would have been. I need to resist the urge to use some of the debt set asides to give us some extra play money. I’ve done that a time or two in the last several months. Basically I reverted almost totally to my spendthrift ways and now I’m starting the long climb back to where I want to be. It’s not as bad since I already broke trail on this stuff a while ago, it’s just getting back on track.

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