Penny pinching

Ok, so the book that I finished yesterday wasn’t the greatest money book I’ve ever read. And Debt-Free forever,by Gail Vaz-Oxlade is just harsh – she’s downright mean, calling those who just want to read the book and not get started right this second, “whiners”. I stopped reading it pretty quickly. I don’t need to be bullied by a book.

But, I’ve got money on the mind lately. What’s a girl to do? I talked to my Daddy, that’s what. He was a successful businessman before he and my mother retired comfortably at the age of 62 or thereabouts. Now he spends his time traveling around the southern states, and fishing, as happy as can be. He pointed out a few strategies that I had overlooked.

For instance, when I started this whole journey, one of the first things I did was cancel memberships and subscriptions, cable, and get rid of the data package on my phone. I was smart enough to enter those amounts that I saved into my money management software as savings reminders. That money that I saved now goes toward paying off debt. However, I didn’t do the same thing with all of my grocery savings. I stockpile certain items when they’re on sale, he pointed out that I should be putting those savings into my debt payment account. The money that I’m saving by making my own detergents and soaps needs to get put away as well. I got the big stuff, but the little stuff is getting ignored. I’m not saving money if we’re just spending it on other things! It’s a good point and one that I overlooked.

I need to figure out how much money I’m saving by hanging clothes and put that aside. How much am I saving by carrying my lunch to school? Not eating out every week? Making my own pizza? All that money needs to get set aside. The thing with that is how hard it really is. It will take real discipline to set aside every penny that I save. We’ll have less money to spend than ever. But it’ll be worth it when we get the debt paid off earlier and an emergency fund saved sooner. I have come this far, if I want to get ahead and maybe even build some wealth, I need to be more careful with where my money goes.

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