Back on track (well, getting there)

Made homemade pizza last night. It had been a while and I’d forgotten just how easy and truly yummy it really is. I slipped back into my spendthrift ways last pay period, as I’ve mentioned. Pizza delivery, eating out once or twice a week, buying anything I felt like without thinking about the future. I stopped meal planning and because I got sick, I let us run out of everything. We almost had no choice but to go out. Bad Liz!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent a little over my budget. But that budget includes paper products and household items. I also bought The Lego Movie. Not terribly over budget considering we were out of most of our staple foods, almost all paper products, and I stocked up on a few things. Let me tell you…my husband is addicted to one specific brand of granola. That brand was on sale (a pretty good one, too), and all granola was buy one, get one half off. I bought 10. He’ll use them and they stay good for a long time. Yay for good deals!

I went to the little library near me and found five books on organizing and personal finance that I wanted to read. Yay! As part of my spendthrift ways, and one of the last habits to go, I buy books instead of taking them out of the library. Amazon has a better selection than the library, and their used books can be extremely cheap. I like being able to go back and reference them later. But, I’m trying to mend my ways. Used book credits and the library are my friends. I can test drive books to see if I want to keep them. If I do, I can always find them on Amazon later. And, I haven’t been to the central library yet to see what they have. I’m excited about this “new” trove of books.

I’m doing my best to get back on track. I spent a lot of money yesterday on groceries but I put my allowance (my play money for the period) into my savings account. I’m going to see if I can continue the spending fast. I’m sure there are things I forgot to buy – food for the animals I think – but if I can keep frivolous spending to a bare minimum, meal plan, and bring my lunch to school, I should be able to manage it. There is one thing I do want to buy though. A pasta roller – a hand crank pasta machine. I want to try my hand at making pasta. They are relatively cheap though. I have all the ingredients for it, I just need the roller to get it to a uniform thickness and cut. I wonder if you can make lasagne with homemade pasta? I bet it would be good! So, that’s my one splurge this paycheck. I will have fun shopping for it, and finding the best price. Then I’ll have a ton of fun testing it out! I’m going to try to make pasta with 1 part quinoa flour to 3 parts semolina. I want to see if I can get the health benefits (at least a little bit of them) of quinoa without killing the taste of the pasta. We’ll see, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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